Executive Committee

2018-2019 Leadership

On January 4, CCDC membership elected the “Change Slate” as the new leadership. Congratulations!

CCDC’s Executive Committee is composed of 6 voting members: Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Web Manager. Subcommittee chairs also have speaking privileges at executive committee meetings.

Starting September 2018, the Executive Committee will meet on the second *Thursday* of each month at 6pm in the CCDC Headquarters (206 S Main, Suite 302) unless otherwise announced.

Chair – David Reuther


1st Vice Chair – Meroe Dawson


2nd Vice Chair – Rebecca Layne


Treasurer – Peggy Kenney


Secretary – Ed Dunphy


Web Manager – Jennifer Ulm


Subcommittee Chairs

VAN Manager Sharon Church
Events Committee Dennis Verhoff events@culpeperdemocrats.org
Precinct Ops Committee Mike McClary precinctops@culpeperdemocrats.org
Design Committee Vacant design@culpeperdemocrats.org
Social Committee Travis Warby social@culpeperdemocrats.org
Office Committee Carolyn Walker
Recruitment & Endorsement Vacant
Fundraising Vacant