Precinct Operations Committee

The Precinct Ops Committee organizes CCDC’s voter outreach across Culpeper County.

Culpeper has 15 precincts, running from Jeffersonton in the north down to Mitchells in the south, and Browns Store on the western edge over to Richardsville in the very east. Each precinct corresponds to a different polling place and has its own official Democratic Party of Virginia Precinct Captain. Precinct Captains recruit volunteers and new members from their precincts, lead door knocking, phone banking, and postcard writing in their areas, run the Culpeper Democrats’ booth on Election Day, and serve as your first point of contact to the Democratic Party of Culpeper and Virginia. Contact your Precinct Captain today to find out how you can help turn Culpeper blue!


Name Precinct Email
  Cedar Mountain District  
Mike McClary Chair, Precinct Operations Committee and Pearl Sample Precinct Captain or
vacant South Ridge Precinct Captain  
vacant Mitchells Precinct Captain  
  Jefferson District  
Peggy Kenney Jeffersonton Precinct Captain
Mary Sherrill Rixeyville Precinct Captain
  West Fairfax District  
Ed Dunphy West Fairfax Precinct Captain
  East Fairfax District  
Anna Marquardt East Fairfax Precinct Captain
   Stevensburg District  
Sharon Church Brandy Station Precinct Captain
Gail Costello Lignum Precinct Captain
Andrea Chandler Richardsville Precinct Captain
  Browns Store District  
Donna DeAngelis Browns Store Precinct Captain
Caroline Heald Eldorado Precinct Captain
  Catalpa District  
Lis Piatt Cardova Precinct Captain
vacant Willow Shade Precinct Captain  
vacant Eggbornsville Precinct Captain  


Structure of the Democratic Party of Virginia
Culpeper County Precincts

Click HERE for a detailed map of Culpeper precincts.