The President is not an Emperor.

The heart of our freedom is respect for our Constitution, for government of by and for the people, and for the rule of law. But we have a President who thinks our Department of Justice works for him. On Thursday, November 8th, 5pm the Culpeper Democrats and Culpeper Persisters joined protests nationwide to announce to President Trump that what he’s doing is NOT okay, that he’s not an emperor, and that nobody is above the law. 

Abigail wins! But we’re not done yet.

Wow. What an election. On Tuesday, 41% of Culpeper County voted for Abigail Spanberger. Turnout was near presidential levels. In 2016, Eileen Bedell received 34% of Culpeper’s vote. Ralph Northam got 37% in 2017. Each year builds on the next. Last year laid the ground work for this year. This year prepares us for next year. Next year gets us ready for 2020. I am so proud of the Culpeper Democrats and your incredibly hard work that made this victory possible. Each of you who wrote postcards, made phone calls, knocked on doors, stood in front of the polling place in the rain passing out sample ballots, donated, and voted — you are all heroes. Thank you.

–Ben Hixon, Chair, Culpeper Dems