June 2018 Monthly Meeting

Meeting announcement: We meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month unless otherwise announced. Our June monthly meeting will be at Rock Hill Farm on June 26th. Rock Hill Farm is a beautiful venue located at 14461 Norman Road. Start arriving at 6:30. Business starts at 7pm, speakers at 8pm.

Our June meeting was a great success. Thank you Collis for hosting us at your beautiful home! Thank you Austin Taylor and Shannon Kane for updating us on Tim Kaine and Abigail Spanberger’s campaigns.



  We introduced two new committee chairs: Lis Piatt, chair of the new Social Committee, and Alicia Guy, chair of the new Design Committee! Here is Alicia and Lis with our amazing exec committee member Meroë Dawson!



Alicia and Meroë showed off our new T-shirt designs! Please let us know if you want one! We’re asking for a $10 donation per t-shirt. Available in blue and gray.


Finally, we announced officer vacancies. The executive committee is reorganizing. Read more here.




If you missed the meeting, you can find the agenda here, and the provisional minutes once they have been posted, and the final minutes once they have been approved.

Agenda Minutes (will be posted when written and approved)


Congrats to our nominee! Primary Day Triumph!

Congratulations to our nominee, Abigail Spanberger. We will work our hearts out for you! On to November!

And congratulations to the Culpeper County Democratic Committee and its Precinct Operations team for their amazing job on primary day. We had greater visibility and presence than we’ve ever had before. We had tables at all but one precinct. (Lignum was the only holdout — and we already have volunteers willing to staff Lignum in November.) We passed out hundreds of our ‘Join the CCDC’ postcards, designed by the Chairwoman of the CCDC’s new Design Committee, Alicia Guy. We reached many new potential members and gathered dozens of email addresses for our mailing list. We built momentum and trounced the Culpeper GOP’s lackadaisical showing. June 12th was a great step towards turning Culpeper blue!


And one final congratulations to Candidate Dan Ward. His incredible effort, unwavering support for the people of the 7th District, and absolute class, graciousness, and unity on behalf of Abigail Spanberger is a credit to the Democratic Party!

Last Call with the Candidates

TOMORROW, directly after CulpeperFest, from 8pm until 10pm, Abigail Spanberger and Dan Ward will be joining us at Beer Hound Brewery! This will be their last campaign stop in Culpeper before the primary. Stop by and have a drink with your next Representative!

Before that, they’ll be at CulpeperFest at Eastern View High School from 4pm to 8pm. Don’t forget to sign up HERE for your free CulpeperFest ticket, otherwise it’s $5 at the door.

To read more about our candidates, visit their websites:

Dan Ward
Abigail Spanberger




First Annual CCDC Liberal Arts Exhibit and Fundraiser

Our first fundraiser of 2018 is off to a great success. Local artists have donated dozens of pieces to the Culpeper Democrats which we are selling at $50 each. Opening night featured wonderful food catered by Jessica Hall from Raven’s Nest. Many pieces have been sold, but pieces are still available for purchase and the exhibit will be on weekends through June 17th at upstairs Raven’s Nest. Just ask the staff about how to purchase. And should you wish to contribute to this fundraiser and make it even more successful, you can donate at our secure online Actblue page!

Scenes from opening night of the first annual CCDC Liberal Arts exhibit and fundraiser!

May 2018 Monthly Meeting

Our May Monthly Meeting was held on 5/22 at Foti’s Restaurant.


Thanks Dan Ward for speaking!

President Joshua Houston and Treasurer
Lily Haught of the Culpeper Young
Democrats in animated conversation with Dan


Delegate Elizabeth Guzman

Special Guest Speaker, Delegate Elizabeth
Guzman offered advice to women running
for office

Chair Ben Hixon and 2nd Vice Chair
Laura Bynum 


7th District Appeal and Ruling

We also discussed the recent ruling from the 7th Congressional District Democratic Committee. Your CCDC executive committee remains absolutely committed to transparency. Here you can find the complete text of the appeal, our response to the appeal, and the ruling by the 7th district committee. Please contact Ben Hixon (chair@culpeperdemocrats.org) if you have any questions!

Agenda and Minutes

Agenda link
Minutes minutes


THANK YOU DELEGATE GUZMAN! We hope you come back again!