Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Culpeper Absentee Voting

Answers to questions our phone bankers have encountered about the absentee voting process in Culpeper County.

What’s the difference between early voting and absentee voting?
Virginia now has no-excuse needed early voting, which is referred to as absentee voting. You can vote absentee either in person or via the mail if you are unable to vote on election day.
How do I vote early in person (In person absentee)?
If you can’t vote on November 6th, just bring your Photo ID to the Culpeper Election Office, 151 N Main Street, Third Floor. You’ll fill out a form and vote right there. They are open Monday through Friday, 8:30-4:30, as well as the two Saturday’s prior to the general election. October 30th is the last day of in person absentee voting.
How do I request an absentee ballot in the mail?
Does the Culpeper election office have an elevator?
Answer: Yes
What is their phone number?
Answer: (540) 825-0652
I moved.  Is it too late to notify the elections office of a change of address?
Answer: Yes.  Go here to update your address.  But if your move occurred since the last November election, you may return to and vote at your previous polling location.
What ID do I need to vote?
Answer: Government-issued Photo ID, Virginia student ID, employer-issued ID.  If you don’t have one, you can still vote if you go to the registration office — even on Election Day — and apply.  They will give you a free Voter ID card.  If you forget your photo ID, you can cast a provisional ballot at your polling place.
I am disabled.  Do I still have time to vote absentee by mail?
Answer: Yes., but please hurry.  You may request an absentee mail-in ballot up until the 7th day before the electionIt must be received by 7pm, on election day. Being postmarked by that day does not count. First class delivery through USPS requires 2-5 days. The absentee ballot requires two stamps.
If I am a convicted felon (long-ago marijuana charge) can I get my voting rights restored? 
Answer: Yes, but it can take several weeks:
Restoration of Rights Page or call The Secretary of the Commonwealth at (804) 692-0104

Postcard writing with the Culpeper Democrats!

Our Postcards are here!

There’s three big ways we can reach voters: at their door, on the phone, and through the mail. Nervous about knocking on doors? Hate talking on the phone? Still want to help Abigail Spanberger and Tim Kaine get elected? Help us reach voters by writing a postcard!

Not everyone can vote on November 6th. Voting early is easy. All you do is bring your photo ID to the Culpeper Election office, 151 N Main, 3rd floor, no weekdays between 8:30 and 4:30, or on Saturday October 27th or November 3rd, fill out a one-page form, and vote then. But not everyone understands how it works. That’s why with less than a month until the election, the Culpeper Democrats are writing election reminder postcards educating Culpeper voters about earning voting.

Want to help? Our office is also open throughout the coming weeks (see our office hours here) if you want to stop by and pick up a stack of cards or drop them off.

Postcard Writing parties!

We’ll be hosting postcard parties over the next few weeks. Check this space for information! our first party is this Friday at 5pm. We’ll have pizza and stickers. 

Postcard party Location Date/Time
CCDC Offices (206 S Main Street, 3rd floor) October 12th, 5pm – 7pm
CCDC Offices Friday, October 19th, 5pm


Urgent! Stamps needed!

The CCDC has a hard limit of $1000 that we’re allowed to spend on this election. That means we can’t purchase stamps for every postcard we want to send. So when you return the postcards, please stamp a few of them as well!


Postcards designed by CCDC Design Committee Chair Alicia Guy, paid for by the CCDC, and okayed by the Tim Kaine and Abigail Spanberger campaigns.

What a great turnout for our first postcard party!