Is America still a country of laws?

By: Mike McClary
Published by:∫ Culpeper Star-Exponent
Date Published: December 30, 2017

David McCullough, in his excellent biography of John Adams, who was one of those whose ideas were enshrined in the Constitution, discusses how the founding fathers constructed their vision of government. One of the seminal ideas to the balance of power of the three branches of government was the conviction that the country would be ruled by laws of reason. They rebelled against a government that was capriciously ruled by the monarchy and the oligarchs of the East India and Virginia Companies, and they sought something different.

Each subsequent generation accepted the ideal that America was a country of laws, without fear or favor, not a country subject to whims and fads of the moment. In recent months we have witnessed a stunning abdication of commitment by government to the ideal that America is a country of laws and that each man stands equally before the law. Donald Trump’s attempts to derail the Russian collusion investigation is the primary example of this. In May, Trump fired FBI Director Comey because Comey would not abrogate his duties and responsibilities under the Constitution for a pledge of personal loyalty to Trump. Today, every effort is being made to criticize, deride, undermine and compromise Special Prosecutor Mueller’s investigation. The Republicans, in strident chorus, declare that Mueller should be fired. This is in marked contrast to the seven different hearings/investigations that consumed Congress over Benghazi, or the thousand days of Kenneth Starr’s investigation of Bill Clinton’s transgressions. The hypocrisy is appalling. Trump criticizes his own judicial and intelligence departments and organizations that the taxpayers have paid good money for, over decades. Suddenly, in his ill-informed opinion, they are not satisfactory. After firing the leadership, his latest target is the whole of the FBI, demeaning its professionalism and patriotism. If America’s top law enforcement agency is deemed inadequate, to whom do we turn for justice? The irrational whims of Donald Trump?

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