2018 Executive Meetings

Beginning in September, the executive committee will meet on the second Thursday of each month from 6pm to 8pm in the CCDC offices. As of August 2018, our new offices are located at 206 S Main Street, Suite 302, above Village Frameworks.

Minutes and agendas for each meeting are available on this page.

January  January, 2018 Executive Committee Minutes January agenda
February February, 2018 Executive Committee Minutes February agenda
March March, 2018 Executive Committee Minutes March agenda
April April, 2018 Executive Committee Minutes April agenda

May 8th Executive Minutes

May 8th agenda

May 31st
Emergency Meeting
May 31st Executive Minutes May 31st agenda

June 14th
(Note special date)

June 14th Minutes

June 14th agenda

July 10th
(Special location: Culpeper Library)

July minutes

July agenda

August 14th

August minutes 

August agenda

September 13th

September minutes

September agenda

October 11th


October agenda