2019 Candidates

Thanks to your hard work in 2018, Culpeper County now contains an island of bright blue. We belong to 5 state districts – three in the Virginia State Senate, two in the Virginia House of Delegates. Currently, all five districts are occupied by Republicans. It’s time we change that!

Our candidates

We have nominated candidates for 3 State Senate and 2 House of Delegate Districts that cover parts of Culpeper County.

District Current Occupant Declared Democratic Candidates

State Senate 17

Bryce Reeves (R)

Web Amy Laufer


State Senate 24

Emmett Hanger (R)

Annette Hyde

No other publicly announced candidate at this time.

State Senate 27

Jill Vogel (R)

Ronnie Ross

No other publicly announced candidate at this time.

House District 18

Michael Webert (R)

Laura Galante

House District 30

Nick Freitas (R)

Ann Ridgeway


Ann Ridgeway

There are also a lot of candidates on the ballot for local offices.  Click on the link below to view a chart of all candidates qualified to be on the November Ballot.

Ballots w Candidates Names

We have 13 different ballots in Culpeper this November.  How do you know which ballot pertains to you?  First Step is to determine what precinct you vote in.  After that you have to learn which State Senate District and which House of Delegates District you are in.  You can do all of this by going to the VA Department of Elections and looking up your registration information.

After completing that step, look at the list of candidates above to see who the Democrats are that are running in your districts.

Lastly refer to the “Ballots w Candidates Names” link above to see all the other local candidates who will be on your ballot.

For more info:

Please contact the Chair of the Culpeper Democrats, David Reuther chair@culpeperdemocrats.org