How to Vote


September 20st: Early voting (in-person absentee) begins at 151 N. Main Street

October 15th: Deadline to register or change address

October 29th: Deadline to request absentee ballot by mail

November 2nd (4:30pm): Last day to vote early in person

November 5th, 2019: ELECTION DAY!

Find Your Ballot

There are 13 different ballots in Culpeper this election.  Click here to learn how to identify your ballot.

About Early Voting (Absentee In Person)

If you think you may be out of town on Election Day, or can’t vote on Election Day for almost any other reason, you can vote early in person! It’s called “Absentee In Person” and uses the same reasons for voting by mail.

Just bring your photo ID to 151 N Main Street, 3rd floor, fill out a form, and vote right then. They’re open Monday through Friday, 8:30-4:30, as well as Saturday October 26th and November 2nd. See our Frequently Asked Questions about absentee voting.

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Culpeper’s Voting Office is located in the same building as the Culpeper County Treasurer’s office.  Proceed via elevator to the second floor.
Code Reason Supporting Information Required
1A Student attending college or university outside of locality of residence in Virginia Name of college or university
1B Spouse of student attending college or university outside locality of residence in Virginia Name of college or university
1C Business outside County/City of residence on Election Day Name of employer or business
1D Personal business or vacation outside County/City of residence on Election Day Place of travel (VA county/city or state or country)
1E I am working and commuting to/from home for 11 or more hours between 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM on Election Day Name of  employer or business and Election Day hours of working and commuting (AM to PM)
1F I am a first responder (member of law enforcement, fire fighter, emergency technician, search and rescue) Not required
2A My disability or illness Not required
2B I am primarily and personally responsible for the care of a disabled/ill family member confined at home Family Relationship
2C My pregnancy Not required
3A Confined, awaiting trial Name of institution
3B Confined, convicted of a misdemeanor Name of institution
4A An electoral board member, registrar, officer of election, or custodian of voting equipment Not required
5A I have a religious obligation Not required
6A Active Duty Merchant Marine or Armed Forces Branch of service
6B Spouse or dependent living with a member of 6A Branch of service
6C Temporarily residing outside of US Enter your last date of residency at your Virginia voting residence only if you have given up that address permanently or have no intent to return
6D Temporarily residing outside of US for employment or spouse or dependent residing with employee Name of business or employer
7A Requesting a ballot for presidential and vice-presidential electors only
(Ballots for other offices/issues will not be sent)
New state of residence and date moved from Virginia. Only eligible if you moved less than 30 days before the presidential election.
8A Authorized representative of candidate or party serving inside the polling place Not required
9A Granted a protective order issued by or under the authority of a court of competent jurisdiction. Name of the county or city in Virginia or the state of the issuing court.

About Voting in Culpeper

Culpeper County is Divided into 7 Magisterial Districts, containing a total of 15 precincts:

To find your polling place, consults the Culpeper County Government Website:

Polling Locations

November 5th, Polls open at 6:00am and close at 7pm! Polling locations:

West Fairfax
Culpeper Methodist Church
1233 Oaklawn Dr

East Fairfax
Culpeper County Library
271 Southgate Shopping Center

Eggbornsville (Catalpa District)
Emerald Hill Elementary School
11245 Rixeyville Road

Cardova (Catalpa District)
Alum Spring Baptist Church
11058 Dutch Hollow Road

Willow Shade (Catalpa District)
St. Lukes Lutheran Church
1200 Old Rixeyville Road

Eldorado (Salem District)
Salem Volunteer Fire Department
13428 Scotts Mill Road

Browns Store (Salem District)
Reva Volunteer Fire Department
18230 Birmingham Road

Jeffersonton (Jefferson District)
Jeffersonton Baptist Church
18498 Springs Road

Rixeyville (Jefferson District)
Hazel River Assembly of God Church
14383 Hazel River Church Road

Mitchells (Cedar Mountain District)
Mitchells Presbyterian Church
12229 Mitchell Road

Pearl Sample (Cedar Mountain District)
Rappahannock Electric Cooperative
13252 Cedar Run Church Road

South Ridge (Cedar Mountain District)
Reformation Lutheran Church
601 Madison Road

Brandy Station (Stevensburg District)
Brandy Station Fire Department
19601 Church Road

Lignum (Stevensburg District)
Hopewell Methodist Church
23557 Lignum Road

Richardsville (Stevensburg District)
Richardsville Fire Hall
29361 Eleys Ford Road